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The Henley’s are back as friction among the family heats up. 

Matthew’s reckless behavior causes chaos for everyone. Christian and Victoria’s renewed relationship is tested when a dinner among friends brings a secret to light. Declan makes a fool of himself in France which may cost him his career and his relationship with Allison. Benjamin’s future is threatened by Matthew’s refusal for a divorce and by the return of Sam’s ex. With new threats, revelations, changing loyalties and temptations, can the family hold it together or will they lose it all?

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Our second installment of the capricious world of the Henley family as they return with some new friends to provide all the intense excitement that only they can bring. Come take the roller coaster ride with twists and turns that will keep you hooked till the very end!

Just before professing her love to Christian Henley, in the middle of Matthew and Benjamin’s wedding reception, Victoria “Ria” Hall is hit with the news that he is actually engaged to Katie Aldridge, her most recent friend from the London office. Thrown into an anxiety attack, Ria is tended to by Sam Jenkins, the incredibly sexy caterer, who helps her avoid Christian and go into hiding.


Ria’s absence causes Matthew to cut short their swanky beach resort honeymoon and come home much to Ben’s dismay. Amidst all the turmoil, Allison and Declan explore the limits of their budding relationship while Allison also builds her newfound friendship with Benjamin.


Sir Henley offers Victoria an opportunity of a lifetime. The catch is she’ll be working with Katie, at the London office. Little does Ria know that her problem isn’t Katie at all, it’s Mandy Baker, daughter to the unflappable rock, Doris Baker. With everyone wearing a façade, who’s the real threat?


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Book 1 of the trillogy. Meet Allison Maier and Victoria Hall,  two women that have dedicated their lives to helping their best friend, Matthew Henley hide the fact that he is gay. Matthew, who is the poster child for the entitlement generation, is about to lose his inheritance for his irresponsible ways. To prevent Sir William from stripping his only son of his fortune, Allison agrees to marry Matthew leaving Victoria frazzled trying to talk them both out of it.

Sir William, the head of the Henley Empire, pulls together a diverse team of his best people to assist with the wedding plans. He calls in Christian, his nephew with the party boy reputation, who instantly falls for the straight laced Victoria. Declan Marten, Sir William’s financial wunderkind is recruited to control the purse strings and assist Allison with the planning of the wedding. Allison discovers her dream wedding to her best friend might not be everything she wanted after all.

As the lies and sparks start to fly, chaos ensues. Will there be a wedding or not? Click here to purchase on Amazon

 The Perfect Setting

Christina feels like a woman destined to sell engagement rings instead of receiving one. Failing to meet her sales quotas, she is transferred to a low volume store where she is forced to deal with a less than favorable working environment. With her life on a downer, Christina meets the wealthy and aggravating Jason, who brings into her store a level of chaos she’s never experienced from any customer. 


She learns that being wealthy isn’t nearly as appealing as she’d once thought and discovers that falling in love isn’t for the meek.

 Will Christina find love in The Perfect Setting?

 Jingle Cells

Cell phones and Christmas. Undeniably the two most stressful things on the planet.

Alone again on a holiday, Jenna feels like she is using every ounce of her energy to ward off her best friend, Joslyn, from setting her up with her younger brother, Adam. At the same time, Jenna tries to convince Joslyn to feel the season of love and go out with Jake who has been pining over her forever, only Joslyn can’t seem to let go of her obsession to run her brother, Adam’s, life. 

Adding to her stress, she receives a new work issued cell phone, and answers a call from a wrong number, only to find herself taking pity on a poor inebriated soul who is tortured by his holiday family woes.

Can Jenna help any of them to get sorted out in time to enjoy Christmas?

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